Players Online

Name Level Race Class Guild Gender Total Time Played
Ptaha 70 Draenei Shaman Fourth Reih Female 221d 12h 38m
Dreamstreet 70 Night Elf Druid Heroes of Camelot Female 205d 17h 27m
Furyballz 70 Human Warrior UnknowN Male 169d 6m
Arklan 70 Blood Elf Paladin bunnings snags Male 157d 1h 21m
Nalind 70 Night Elf Rogue SACRUM Female 147d 18h 41m
Torensvk 70 Night Elf Druid UnknowN Male 146d 8h 32m
Sara 70 Blood Elf Warlock The Immortal Female 119d 10h 21m
Rohatej 70 Tauren Shaman Out Of Control Male 102d 19h 6m
Daona 70 Night Elf Druid Out of Control Female 91d 9h 53m
Maguitex 70 Troll Mage CSM Male 81d 4h 50m
Volcanic 70 Blood Elf Paladin We Wipe On Trash Male 79d 5h 35m
Kekety 70 Orc Warrior CAPCOM Male 77d 15h 23m
Hetzen 70 Orc Hunter Male 76d 6h 30m
Ryepudding 70 Gnome Warlock We wipe on trash Male 71d 8h 20m
Lizardo 70 Human Paladin Male 69d 19h 1m
Discussion 70 Tauren Druid Shiny Loot Male 69d 9h 8m
Reshmiz 70 Orc Warrior Warchief Male 66d 22h 58m
Restobeam 70 Tauren Shaman Out Of Control Male 62d 23h 10m
Midoriko 70 Blood Elf Priest Corruption Female 60d 15h 41m
Zulxem 70 Human Warrior We wipe on trash Female 56d 17h 41m
Naberr 70 Blood Elf Paladin We Wipe On Trash Female 53d 6h 25m
Tengri 70 Blood Elf Paladin We Wipe On Trash Male 52d 14h 57m
Jannos 70 Tauren Druid Sargeras Rage Male 51d 3h 52m
Aynen 70 Undead Rogue We Wipe On Trash Male 50d 22h 31m
Dicha 70 Blood Elf Paladin VooDoo Male 50d 20h 57m
Lyuki 70 Night Elf Druid ecIipse Female 48d 19h 19m
Kuchu 70 Night Elf Druid its just a game dude Female 47d 8h 38m
Creo 70 Human Paladin Voodoo Male 46d 20h 47m
Teuden 70 Night Elf Warrior Eternal Gamers Male 45d 23h 46m
Zithuss 70 Undead Warlock Horde Expedition Male 45d 12h 6m
Wolfsong 70 Orc Shaman Spirit Of Justice Male 45d 7h 31m
Krunchy 70 Orc Shaman Shiny Loot Male 43d 21h 13m
Electroph 70 Draenei Shaman DlSBANDED Female 41d 6h 42m
Xalen 70 Troll Hunter Cant Dispel Salt Male 41d 6h 40m
Supermoo 70 Tauren Warrior Dreams in True Male 40d 15h 57m
Pentazin 70 Tauren Druid HarmonY Male 40d 13h 3m
Juggnaut 70 Human Warrior All Pass Male 39d 12h 32m
Offline 70 Night Elf Priest COMEATMEBRO Male 38d 1h 22m
Nuru 70 Blood Elf Paladin Corruption Female 38d 1h 4m
Datpart 70 Undead Warrior Adequate Male 37d 22h 29m
Muffinssi 70 Human Warrior We wipe on trash Male 37d 21h 59m
Hotgirloncam 70 Blood Elf Rogue Warchief Female 36d 21h 14m
Perve 70 Undead Rogue Show bobs Male 36d 11h 42m
Renegadofire 70 Orc Hunter CSM Male 35d 1h 0m
Noobs 70 Human Warrior DlSBANDED Male 34d 10h 39m
Fromes 70 Blood Elf Paladin Cant Dispel Salt Male 34d 9h 43m
Budkyns 70 Blood Elf Mage Inferno CZSK Male 33d 16h 1m
Plutoee 70 Tauren Druid The Casual Guild Female 33d 5h 48m
Bugydudu 70 Tauren Druid We Wipe On Trash Male 32d 21h 59m
Yunibasaru 70 Human Rogue People are full of Schit Male 32d 16h 5m
Bulgaru 70 Tauren Shaman bunnings snags Male 31d 8h 28m
Padrefernand 70 Human Priest CTM Male 31d 4h 33m
Darkone 70 Undead Priest Warchief Female 30d 5h 19m
Euthanasia 70 Human Mage DuC Female 29d 10h 51m
Justicia 70 Blood Elf Paladin BrotherhooD Female 28d 20h 24m
Boblannister 70 Human Paladin Male 28d 2h 13m
Xypwet 70 Night Elf Druid Stoned Raiders Female 27d 7h 49m
Ikaraz 70 Undead Warrior Male 27d 3h 40m
Ludacriz 70 Undead Priest Abyss Walkers Male 27d 3h 25m
Cyclown 70 Night Elf Druid Its only Mangle Female 26d 21h 36m
Thalik 70 Tauren Warrior forlorn Male 26d 8h 53m
Gonnakillyou 70 Troll Mage EternaI Gamers Female 26d 6h 53m
Besten 70 Tauren Druid Svensk Male 25d 22h 20m
Sokolov 70 Human Paladin Burning of Legion Male 25d 22h 17m
Frodowin 70 Gnome Mage Male 24d 13h 24m
Bestczlock 70 Human Warlock Out of Control Female 24d 10h 40m
Zalo 70 Gnome Warlock Male 24d 6h 30m
Trollallero 70 Troll Hunter Italian Horde Male 24d 4h 3m
Bernybern 70 Blood Elf Mage Female 24d 3h 7m
Bereesekerer 70 Orc Shaman Out Of Control Male 23d 20h 50m
Presence 70 Night Elf Druid UnknowN Female 23d 18h 23m
Jinnyboom 70 Gnome Mage Seventh Heaven Female 23d 15h 1m
Thezanaxlaly 70 Blood Elf Paladin Sunguard Female 23d 1h 12m
Saggyarmskin 70 Night Elf Druid Female 22d 20h 17m
Alleycatt 70 Night Elf Druid Stoned Raiders Female 22d 20h 8m
Theror 70 Dwarf Warrior Male 22d 12h 49m
Fengpao 70 Undead Rogue Male 21d 15h 39m
Sdm 70 Human Warrior Walkers of the Abyss Male 21d 13h 45m
Sopwetty 70 Orc Hunter We Wipe On Trash Female 21d 5h 39m
Soa 70 Human Rogue Female 21d 2h 33m
Kokabiel 70 Night Elf Druid Forlorn Female 20d 22h 58m
Slabbedask 70 Tauren Warrior Elysium Male 20d 19h 36m
Sharik 70 Gnome Warrior Stoned Raiders Female 20d 18h 55m
Vaxes 70 Draenei Shaman Stoned Raiders Male 20d 14h 42m
Lexvie 70 Blood Elf Rogue Inferno CZSK Male 20d 6h 36m
Azar 70 Night Elf Druid Its only Mangle Female 20d 1h 19m
Feiticeiro 70 Human Warlock Male 19d 23h 0m
Machingunele 70 Draenei Shaman Eternal Gamers Female 19d 9h 48m
Abacad 70 Undead Warlock Two oClock Knock Male 19d 18m
Tankmania 70 Human Paladin bunnings snag Male 18d 18h 37m
Jorkata 70 Tauren Druid Victory or Valhalla Male 17d 22h 1m
Amfetamyst 70 Undead Priest VooDoo Male 17d 18h 16m
Ramonaz 70 Orc Warrior Female 17d 11h 58m
Cowflower 70 Tauren Druid Argent Dawn Female 17d 10h 41m
Comesunt 70 Human Warrior bunnings snag Female 17d 8h 32m
Bokaka 70 Orc Rogue Out Of Control Male 16d 16h 20m
Rulin 70 Dwarf Paladin SACRUM Male 16d 15h 58m
Farhawd 70 Human Paladin Hiraeth Male 16d 13h 49m
Heyimharambe 70 Troll Priest Beast Female 16d 12h 6m
Anriel 70 Night Elf Warrior Female 16d 11h 33m
Duski 70 Blood Elf Priest Argent Dawn Female 15d 20h 48m
Amun 70 Undead Priest Out Of Control Female 15d 9h 5m
Koqpein 70 Night Elf Druid no Pyccku Male 15d 2h 8m
Itzcoliuhqui 70 Undead Warlock Beast Male 15d 19m
Zvitalisica 70 Night Elf Druid Stoned Raiders Male 14d 22h 37m
Paprior 70 Orc Warrior bunnings snags Male 14d 22h 16m
Huunteer 70 Night Elf Hunter Deadmist Male 14d 19h 26m
Archigrave 70 Undead Warrior Male 14d 16h 38m
Lewbz 70 Undead Rogue CAPCOM Female 14d 16h 27m
Draziel 70 Human Warlock CTM Male 14d 12h 52m
Tipas 70 Human Warlock Forlorn Male 14d 8h 46m
Specht 70 Human Rogue Alpenverein Male 14d 7h 2m
Fy 70 Undead Rogue VampirS Female 14d 6h 53m
Yrom 70 Tauren Warrior Halfway to Nowhere Male 13d 23h 38m
Moogi 70 Tauren Druid benevolent anarcists Male 13d 23h 10m
Madameenvy 70 Blood Elf Mage bunnings snags Female 13d 22h 32m
Sefa 70 Blood Elf Paladin We Wipe On Trash Female 13d 20h 57m
Zulem 70 Orc Hunter CSM Male 13d 10h 33m
Saberbolt 70 Night Elf Hunter bunnings snag Male 13d 46m
Toapapper 70 Gnome Mage Svenskar Male 12d 23h 5m
Wakuu 70 Human Warlock Svenskar Male 12d 14h 18m
Kallop 70 Gnome Mage Hiraeth Male 12d 11h 17m
Priestiona 70 Human Priest bunnings snag Female 12d 10h 18m
Predatorx 70 Gnome Warrior Female 12d 6h 3m
Screamheroo 70 Undead Priest CAPCOM Female 11d 23h 41m
Jaaklis 70 Blood Elf Paladin Massive Attack Male 11d 23h 26m
Kaetaran 70 Night Elf Rogue Stoned Raiders Male 11d 22h 26m
Bugyshouts 70 Human Warrior We wipe on trash Male 11d 21h 42m
Sturmbb 70 Blood Elf Paladin forlorn Male 11d 21h 29m
Floocky 70 Undead Mage NihiluM Male 11d 20h 21m
Okany 70 Tauren Hunter CryptoMiners Male 11d 18h 25m
Daystorm 70 Blood Elf Mage VooDoo Female 11d 15h 15m
Bettyx 70 Human Rogue Sorry Not Sorry Female 11d 14h 36m
Rouges 70 Human Rogue Male 11d 10h 47m
Szymis 70 Undead Priest PROFANUM Male 11d 7h 6m
Kyudoka 70 Night Elf Hunter Arc Female 11d 3h 42m
Llyod 70 Tauren Warrior VooDoo Male 11d 2h 14m
Bloodraynes 70 Blood Elf Rogue VampirS Female 11d 2m
Cliffmover 70 Draenei Shaman SACRUM Female 10d 21h 45m
Kalasragnar 70 Gnome Warlock Reactive Female 10d 20h 17m
Kebaabremovr 70 Blood Elf Mage dude its just a game Female 10d 20h 11m
Xaxalock 70 Undead Warlock VampirS Male 10d 14h 56m
Wonski 70 Blood Elf Paladin Male 10d 13h 17m
Emis 70 Night Elf Hunter Heroismo Male 10d 10h 19m
Sunglare 70 Tauren Druid bunnings snags Male 10d 9h 58m
Treesh 70 Human Priest Dungeon Crawlers Female 10d 7h 50m
Irou 70 Human Warlock Hiraeth Male 10d 7h 32m
Artist 70 Blood Elf Mage Female 10d 36m
Azrea 70 Blood Elf Hunter Ad Elysium Male 9d 21h 19m
Gorrox 70 Orc Warlock Moonrise Male 9d 16h 11m
Photonic 70 Gnome Mage Forlorn Female 9d 15h 41m
Shamtoee 70 Orc Shaman The Casual Guild Male 9d 12h 56m
Robrark 70 Dwarf Rogue Hiraeth Male 9d 11h 29m
Ophina 70 Blood Elf Paladin Male 9d 9h 39m
Nickoline 70 Undead Priest forlorn Female 9d 3h 18m
Daenarays 70 Blood Elf Paladin Love the way you die Female 9d 11m
Calenturas 70 Human Priest Male 8d 23h 49m
Fluffybabe 70 Night Elf Priest Hiraeth Female 8d 18h 53m
Abit 70 Gnome Warrior The lmmortal Female 8d 16h 52m
Blairwaldorf 70 Night Elf Priest bunnings snag Female 8d 16h 5m
Mamapapita 70 Human Mage Male 8d 7h 10m
Garulia 70 Gnome Warlock Hiraeth Female 8d 6h 12m
Pusydestroer 70 Night Elf Druid bunnings snag Female 8d 5h 25m
Kormoran 70 Night Elf Hunter SACRUM Male 8d 2h 54m
Shayira 70 Human Mage We Sniff Mana Female 8d 1h 55m
Firry 70 Gnome Mage BEAST Female 7d 23h 57m
Rufmage 70 Blood Elf Mage VampirS Male 7d 21h 5m
Hycondord 70 Orc Shaman benevolent anarcists Male 7d 17h 13m
Roped 70 Human Paladin Eternal Gamers Female 7d 15h 4m
Devastor 70 Dwarf Paladin Hiraeth Male 7d 11h 29m
Ogrull 70 Orc Shaman Dreams in True Male 7d 5h 24m
Dylvania 70 Blood Elf Warlock bunnings snags Female 7d 5h 4m
Rejecht 70 Undead Priest Abyss Walkers Male 7d 2h 7m
Stap 70 Gnome Warrior Female 7d 33m
Turtleneck 70 Troll Shaman Azzinoth Male 6d 21h 21m
Agiatin 70 Tauren Druid Male 6d 20h 12m
Saxalena 70 Tauren Druid Female 6d 15h 19m
Flippiy 70 Orc Hunter Male 6d 13h 21m
Polivolo 70 Troll Hunter Male 6d 12h 54m
Menel 70 Tauren Druid PROFANUM Male 6d 11h 37m
Holbicka 70 Draenei Shaman Hiraeth Female 6d 6h 20m
Deadmantoyou 70 Undead Rogue bunnings snags Male 6d 4h 33m
Poyik 70 Human Warrior BalkaN Male 6d 3h 0m
Madoh 70 Blood Elf Paladin Female 5d 21h 15m
Hazy 70 Undead Rogue Male 5d 20h 19m
Zugar 70 Orc Hunter VampirS Male 5d 19h 48m
Lostsouls 70 Blood Elf Paladin bunnings snags Male 5d 19h 29m
Voidltu 70 Orc Rogue bunnings snags Male 5d 1h 50m
Broncc 70 Orc Shaman CreditSuisse Male 4d 23h 39m
Kagra 70 Orc Hunter forlorn Male 4d 20h 28m
Zajebantica 70 Tauren Druid Legion of Fatality Female 4d 17h 13m
Kagandog 70 Human Rogue no Pyccku Male 4d 15h 43m
Eekamouse 70 Undead Warlock bunnings snags Male 4d 14h 56m
Moirine 70 Undead Mage Female 4d 14h 20m
Qualitea 70 Draenei Priest Hiraeth Female 4d 9h 52m
Pallekuling 70 Orc Shaman Male 4d 9h 25m
Momchev 70 Human Warrior ManaQueen Male 4d 9h 19m
Fingereleven 70 Blood Elf Rogue Female 4d 3h 29m
Laterallus 70 Orc Rogue is a Korean Gold farmer Male 3d 22h 42m
Preeia 70 Blood Elf Paladin bunnings snags Female 3d 21h 15m
Skinbald 70 Human Rogue Artificial Selection Female 3d 19h 17m
Beastarm 70 Orc Warrior Female 2d 22h 3m
Bludger 70 Orc Hunter bunnings snags Female 2d 18h 44m
Mcball 70 Blood Elf Paladin Warchief Female 2d 7h 9m
Maoh 70 Human Rogue NINE IDIOTS SIGNED THIS Female 2d 1h 28m
Kubiknoobik 70 Human Rogue ManaQueen Male 1d 20h 8m
Uglyasshiet 70 Night Elf Druid Titty Squad Male 1d 13h 45m
Barmos 70 Tauren Druid Male 18h 40m
Matrick 70 Draenei Mage People are full of Schit Male 15h 52m
Swiftyjr 70 Human Warrior Male 10h 14m
Uzam 70 Blood Elf Paladin Svensk Female 6h 12m
Cruev 69 Orc Shaman Male 6d 12h 28m
Fittili 69 Blood Elf Mage Svensk Female 2d 22h 45m
Archergame 68 Blood Elf Hunter Inferno CZSK Female 23d 9h 31m
Terces 68 Blood Elf Priest benevolent anarcists Female 7d 23h 6m
Aurelie 68 Night Elf Druid Out of Control Female 7d 15h 32m
Ilacell 68 Tauren Druid Love the way you die Male 4d 6h 48m
Pharhawd 68 Human Warlock Hiraeth Male 4d 6h 24m
Ojele 67 Troll Rogue Male 6d 2h 59m
Blayn 67 Human Mage High Caliber Male 5d 3h 58m
Scylb 67 Gnome Mage no Pyccku Male 4d 2h 23m
Ashs 67 Orc Warlock Male 2d 20h 16m
Peevpee 67 Orc Rogue bunnings snags Male 2d 14h 37m
Huldosa 66 Dwarf Priest Aliance Knight Female 8d 7h 45m
Gorland 66 Blood Elf Paladin Male 3d 18h 33m
Edreeguar 65 Night Elf Druid Hiraeth Male 5d 16h 13m
Anthal 65 Blood Elf Paladin Male 5d 3h 58m
Drem 64 Orc Warrior Male 6d 1h 13m
Alimorph 64 Undead Priest Male 3d 9h 1m
Trooba 64 Night Elf Druid Female 3d 5h 1m
Minimirg 64 Gnome Warrior Alliance Expedition Male 3d 1h 16m
Gruswald 63 Dwarf Warrior Hiraeth Male 4d 12h 3m
Arcantik 63 Gnome Mage M Y S T E R I O U S Team Male 3d 14h 49m
Dierdrah 63 Tauren Druid Abyss Walkers Male 3d 8h 39m
Shinsea 63 Blood Elf Mage Abyss Walkers Female 3d 7h 47m
Rituals 63 Tauren Druid Love the way you die Male 2d 21h 41m
Ayanah 63 Tauren Druid Female 2d 19h 31m
Beudicu 63 Troll Shaman Female 8h 8m
Geleznostop 62 Tauren Warrior Corsairs Male 6d 14h 15m
Eurofly 62 Human Rogue ManaQueen Male 5d 15h 31m
Herrfranzel 62 Orc Hunter benevolent anarcists Male 4d 7h 28m
Testoffaith 62 Human Priest Hiraeth Male 3d 18h 8m
Tangrowth 62 Tauren Druid Male 20h 21m
Konstantinee 62 Troll Shaman Male 16h 20m
Gorosham 61 Orc Shaman Moonrise Female 3d 5h 49m
Clickxx 61 Night Elf Druid Hiraeth Male 15h 37m
Unorthodox 61 Human Priest Mafioso Female 8h 21m
Scippio 60 Human Rogue Male 3d 23h 35m
Chyma 60 Troll Shaman Female 2d 5h 2m
Cheyd 60 Blood Elf Paladin Male 7h 23m
Zavorotko 60 Undead Priest Male 6h 55m
Bouncyshield 59 Blood Elf Paladin Thrall Me if You Can Female 13d 4h 33m
Toruk 58 Tauren Druid PROFANUM Male 6d 12h 39m
Dirtnapper 57 Undead Priest Male 10d 17h 41m
Shewhisper 57 Draenei Mage Hiraeth Female 3d 3h 48m
Justlool 56 Blood Elf Warlock benevolent anarcists Female 3d 20h 41m
Betega 56 Undead Rogue benevolent anarcists Female 3d 19h 41m
Szmyrgiel 56 Troll Warrior PROFANUM Male 3d 11h 5m
Lishka 55 Draenei Priest Sorry Not Sorry Female 2d 2h 2m
Getback 53 Blood Elf Mage All pass Male 3d 23h 27m
Kobox 52 Blood Elf Paladin Male 2d 16h 6m
Papanek 51 Gnome Mage Male 3d 15h 39m
Lhiana 51 Human Priest Azeroth Lovagjai Female 3d 4h 27m
Aliaa 49 Draenei Hunter Female 2d 17h 29m
Yetizad 48 Blood Elf Paladin benevolent anarcists Male 2d 21h 1m
Karmeen 48 Night Elf Druid Female 2d 18h 14m
Unoka 48 Gnome Rogue Male 2d 6h 25m
Linsai 46 Blood Elf Paladin benevolent anarcists Female 2d 14m
Thelwynis 45 Night Elf Hunter Male 3d 7h 41m
Thedecline 44 Blood Elf Paladin Male 2d 15h 12m
Petulinka 42 Human Warlock Female 2d 7h 56m
Shadomfury 42 Undead Warlock Male 1d 23h 46m
Mnimonio 41 Tauren Druid Two oClock Knock Male 3d 22h 38m
Rowdissa 41 Orc Hunter Female 2d 2h 37m
Auralas 40 Night Elf Druid Its only Mangle Male 2d 14h 24m
Ahfay 39 Blood Elf Paladin Two oClock Knock Female 2d 22h 56m
Guacaholee 39 Blood Elf Priest benevolent anarcists Male 1d 23h 38m
Helpimonfire 39 Blood Elf Warlock benevolent anarcists Male 1d 22h 17m
Lucaa 39 Human Paladin Female 1d 9h 55m
Smallmaster 39 Gnome Warlock Hiraeth Female 23h 10m
Aliksandra 38 Human Priest Female 1d 17h 40m
Calfin 37 Human Rogue Male 4d 9h 10m
Nubranielm 37 Night Elf Hunter Deadmist Male 2d 5h 38m
Shamtwins 37 Tauren Shaman Male 1d 22h 35m
Toktan 36 Tauren Shaman CAPCOM Male 2d 7h 26m
Shadowwari 36 Undead Rogue Female 1d 12h 35m
Khorgon 36 Human Warrior Male 1d 2h 23m
Punknotdead 34 Undead Warlock benevolent anarcists Male 1d 9h 9m
Bajaz 34 Human Mage ManaQueen Male 1d 59m
Jizabell 33 Undead Warlock Love the way you die Female 1d 1h 24m
Hali 32 Undead Warlock benevolent anarcists Female 2d 1h 34m
Fnugg 32 Orc Rogue Love the way you die Male 1d 10h 13m
Thieve 32 Night Elf Rogue Burzum Female 1d 9h 45m
Masuun 32 Draenei Shaman Male 23h 14m
Ichieia 32 Night Elf Hunter Female 22h 13m
Everglay 31 Orc Shaman Male 1d 5h 43m
Deathshine 30 Undead Warlock Male 1d 16h 36m
Askamiciw 30 Troll Hunter Love the way you die Male 1d 6h 52m
Urgencia 29 Draenei Priest Female 1d 3h 38m
Nihuya 28 Draenei Shaman Female 1d 14h 31m
Cabale 28 Human Warrior Male 16h 26m
Mayo 27 Human Paladin Female 16h 44m
Nekopara 26 Night Elf Druid SACRUM Female 16h 44m
Feyendar 25 Tauren Shaman Male 1d 12h 43m
Csalya 24 Draenei Shaman Female 1d 4h 19m
Healtouch 24 Human Priest Male 12h 21m
Nektamess 23 Orc Hunter benevolent anarcists Male 1d 6h 8m
Rahla 21 Orc Warrior Female 20h 28m
Hailzshaman 20 Tauren Shaman benevolent anarcists Female 18h 18m
Wowistrash 19 Blood Elf Warlock Male 17h 35m
Kyjin 19 Human Rogue Female 12h 9m
Edera 19 Night Elf Druid Female 11h 11m
Girlnexdoor 18 Human Mage ManaQueen Female 6h 47m
Makanonia 17 Human Priest Male 17h 41m
Vickyvekling 17 Blood Elf Hunter Female 12h 31m
Dirich 17 Blood Elf Mage Male 12h 22m
Dessieladh 17 Blood Elf Mage Female 6h 59m
Elessarix 15 Human Warlock The Darknight Male 5h 50m
Medzik 14 Troll Mage Male 4h 31m
Penyet 13 Blood Elf Warlock Male 4h 10m
Baitan 12 Dwarf Hunter Male 5h 43m
Dymmer 12 Night Elf Druid Male 5h 1m
Tatik 12 Orc Shaman Male 4h 54m
Teniannis 12 Blood Elf Warlock Male 3h 1m
Astrapi 11 Orc Shaman bunnings snags Male 4h 10m
Tsaxpina 11 Night Elf Druid Female 3h 33m
Mhukkaziokan 10 Tauren Druid Male 3h 46m
Mordonon 10 Night Elf Druid Male 3h 34m
Snizzcheese 10 Troll Hunter Female 3h 2m
Marviena 10 Night Elf Priest Female 2h 55m
Dunthar 8 Dwarf Hunter Male 1h 7m
Lota 7 Undead Rogue Female 1h 29m
Almamater 7 Blood Elf Mage Female 1h 20m
Thyro 6 Troll Mage benevolent anarcists Male 1h 19m
Emilyrouz 6 Night Elf Druid Female 51m
Ivnit 1 Tauren Warrior Female 1d 4h 40m
Sellitall 1 Human Rogue Female 10h 16m